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Reiki in Cornwall


 Reiki is  a powerful tool for Spiritual Growth and Evolution. It can accelerate your development through releasing old energy patterns and allowing the acceptance of Unconditional Universal Love.

 This leads toward the development of your own intuitive guidance and a transformation of your consciousness.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy. Reiki is an ancient healing art that was re-discovered by Dr. Usui in the 19th century. It has had a long journey to reach the UK.

The story goes that Usui was a monk and a scholar whose main objective was to find a way of healing.
His quest culminated in a twenty-one day meditation retreat on the sacred mountain Kurayama near Kyoto,Japan. After twenty-one days of prayer and fasting, the principles of Reiki were revealed to him along with a method of transmitting Reiki energy to others to enable them to use it as a healing tool.

Dr. Usui attuned sixteen people in Japan, including a Japanese American woman who travelled from Hawaii to Japan to study with him in the 1930’s. She  took Reiki to the U.S.A. and others learned from her. Gradually knowledge of Reiki spread around the world and by the 1980’s had  arrived in UK.

By the end of the twentieth century many people had experienced the benefits of Reiki for themselves and some had taken the step of becoming Reiki Masters which enabled them to treat others and to attune people to Reiki

Reiki treatment complements traditional medicine and can be a useful adjunct to anything prescribed by a G.P. It is practised in many hospitals in the U.K. and research into its benefits is being undertaken in the hospital where Christopher Reeves was a patient.

You do not have to be ill to benefit from Reiki as its energy can remove blocks to creativity and it can help with stress management.

Soap stars and tennis players give good reports in their interviews as to how Reiki helps them to deal with their heavy schedules.

Reiki treatments and training are currently paused.

If you would like to be included in Zannie's  daily Violet Flame transmission , email her with your request.

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